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Annual Appeal

A Decade of Welcoming

Ten years ago, the Refugee Response came into existence when a group of Clevelanders wanted to help a handful of people. In spite of all the challenges from this last decade, and especially this year, our growth hasn’t stopped. We continue to serve more people in more ways with higher quality services than ever before. 


This year, our staff has been there to help Cleveland’s newcomer communities fill out unemployment insurance applications, find new jobs, and navigate the confusing health crisis we’ve all experienced. Refugee Response staff has delivered food and cash to struggling families. We’ve talked teenagers through technological struggles so they could reach their online coursework. We’ve figured out how to connect kids with their mentors online.


Next year, we’ll help even more refugees make Cleveland a real home and serve them in new ways. We’re poised to expand our employment placement program. We’re including dozens more students in our mentoring program. At our new Learning Lab, we can give struggling students one-on-one tutoring using a whole library of tools. And we can’t wait to move into our own new home on the Urban Community School campus.


In 2021, we expect the number of refugees admitted to the US to skyrocket. The Refugee Response is ready to greet them when they make it home to Cleveland, and we hope you’ll continue to support the work we do.

Decade of Welcoming
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At the heart of all that we continue to do, and what we believe defines our work is that a personal kindness can be transformative. Our work recognizes the dignity of all those we serve and seeks to create hope that this new place can be called a home.


The Refugee Response

2115 W. 42nd Street

Cleveland, OH 44113


(216) 236-3877


Check out the Teen Response student photo series:


Reframing Refuge

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