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Young Adult Employment

Looking for eager, reliable employees for an entry-level job?

Refugee Response is currently looking for partners for its Refugee Hospitality Training program. The training program provides young adults (ages 18-22) with 6 weeks of training in cooking and Back-of-House (BOH) skills. The program also pays the salary for a young adult to participate in up to 4 hours/week of on-the job experience at partner businesses for 6 weeks.

Potential partners can express interest through the following form, and find out more about the program below.

Why Partner with Refugee Response?


Young Adults receive 6-weeks of hands-on training through weekly seminars at Stir kitchen. These hands-on seminars are facilitated by Cleveland-area chefs, and focus on:

  1. Use of Back of House equipment, industrial appliances, and kitchen utensils
  2. Knife Skills

  3. Soups/Sauces/Stocks

  4. Cooking Preparations- Fry / Boil / Bake / Poach

  5. Café Recipes- Espresso drinks

  6. Serving and Bussing Essentials

Salary and Support

Refugee Response pays for student’s employment at partner businesses for six weeks. At each partner business, Refugee Response can sponsor the student’s salary for up to 4 hours/week.


Internship sites are welcome and encouraged to hire the students for more than 4 hours/week, but will assume the cost of paying the students for any additional hours.

Throughout the internship, an Employment Case Manager will work closely with students to help troubleshoot any transportation, scheduling, or communication challenges.


Refugee Response will produce weekly social media posts and two newsletters that highlight the contributions of the partner businesses. Our social media accounts and newsletters reach over 6,000 followers.

Partner Responsibilities

Internship sites agree to provide at least 4 hours/week of employment for students during afterschool hours. Students are generally available from 3:30pm to 11:30 pm (Monday-Friday), and all-day Saturday and Sunday.

Internship sites are welcome to, and encouraged, to hire the students for more than 4 hours/week, but will assume the cost of paying the students for any additional hours.

At the end of the internship period, the internship site can choose whether or not to hire the student for a part-time job. While hiring a student after their internship is not required, Refugee Response will prioritize internship sites which foresee potential opportunities for students after the 6-week period.

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