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Volunteer Training Materials Archive

Explore our archive of mentor skills trainings,
program policies, and other useful resources to brush up your skills or learn something new in your mentoring journey. Whether you are a experienced mentor or new to the role, there is always room to grow and add value to your impact.

Mentors who need to complete these trainings prior to volunteering should be sure to complete the required exercises or forms to demonstrate completion. To casually browse our video training library, continue further below.

Module 1:
The Refugee Response, an Introduction

Complete Training + Exercise

Module 3: 
Effective Relationship Building and Engagement with Youth

Complete Training + Exercise

Module 2:

Youth Mentoring Program Policies

  1. Review the Youth Mentoring Program Policy Handbook

  2. Sign the Policy Handbook Agreement.

  3. Complete the Comprehension exercise.

Module 4: 
Introduction to Flexible Teaching Strategies

Complete Training + Exercise

Training Video Library

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