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Vaccination Campaign

This collaborative campaign's goal is to increase acceptance to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in Cleveland's refugee and English as a Second Language (ESL) communities. This campaign has been made possible through collaboration of local health experts and our community partners.








Community Collaboration

This campaign, like most of our work, was done with a collaborative approach to ensure that the content we created and the ways we distributed it were done with input from our communities. While conceptualizing what content is needed, building it with community feedback and finding the most efficient ways to get content in front of Cleveland's newcomers we work with local, regional, national and international partners.

Health Care Expert


Community Health Expert


Content and Distribution



Distribution Partner


Jenny Nielson, Catholic Charities

“When the COVID lockdowns first started happening, we used these videos to educate our clients en masse quickly and efficiently. This was essential, because the virus was spreading rampantly at that moment and timely education was critical to stopping it. There was a lot of misinformation at the time as well, and science was moving so fast it was hard for even English-speakers to keep up. I had several clients report back to me that they really appreciated content in their language and that they found the videos helpful. Since then, I’ve also shared the videos about managing stress during COVID, education about COVID testing and receiving the vaccine. I think these videos are really great; even beyond the obvious bonus of having content in their own language, I think clients appreciate that time was taken to create something they can understand better."

Pink Earth

Campaign Service Area

The Refugee Response is working with organizations throughout the state to distribute this informational content. Our partners include RefugeeConnect in the greater Cincinnati area; Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley in the Dayton area; Community Refugees and Immigration Services in the Columbus area; and The North Akron Community Development Corporation. These organizations primarily serve refugee enclaves in the zip codes highlighted below.

Ohio Refugee Resettlement

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