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Afghan Support Portal

As Afghan families and individuals begin to arrive in Cleveland, this page will serve as the portal for our community to offer assistance to support resettlement. More information about your support will be provided after form submission.

If you filled out our volunteer form and haven't been contacted for a volunteer opportunity yet, there will be more opportunities and donations will still be accepted by all who bring them.


Cash Assistance

Resettlement can be a process that is as costly as it is long. We are asking for monetary donations as we create a fund to support Cleveland's resettled Afghan families and individuals with cash assistance as needed.

Legal Support

Being relocated to the United States is the first step in a long process for people from Afghanistan. To manage their status as an individual residing in the United States, these Afghan newcomers will need legal support from the community.

New Home Owners

Housing Support

Temporary housing is an immediate need as families land in Northeast Ohio. With limited housing available in our city as is, finding secure and safe housing is one of the first things any new community member needs. If you can help, please fill out this form:

Clothing Store

Material Support

Beyond just people, we are helping resettle lives. And as we all know, our lives require stuff. As families land in Cleveland with a few bags of their stuff from home, we are seeking all material donations such as furniture, kitchenware, clothes, etc.

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Support

One of the largest immediate needs for donation is something we all need: Food. A stable and balanced diet can serve as a foundation to help people during unstable times, and your food donations will provide that for resettled families.

Woman Sketching

Employment Support

Connecting recently resettled Afghanis with job opportunities once they are able to work will be a crucial part of helping them find their footing in their new home. Your local business can be considered as a preferred employer,

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