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Thank you for your support

Our House
Original Artwork by Nikki Mokrzycki


  1. Yaral Sa Doom II | Wau Wau Collectif
  2. Yabaal | Dur-Dur Band
  3. Akula Owu onyeara | The Funkees
  4. Xale | Wau Wau Collectif
  5. Junun | Shye Ben Tzur
  6. Eghass Malan | Les Filles de Illighadad
  7. Going Across The Sea | The Mountain Music Project
  8. World A Music | Ini Kamoze
  9. Rhumba | Wanavokali
  10. Nànnuflày | Tinariwen (+IO:I)
  11. ဟောင်းပြီ | Saw Win Lwin, Nge Ngal Lay, Khin Khin Moe
  12. Burn On | Randy Newman

2022 In Music

A special playlist from us to you to celebrate our Achievements in 2022 and our Goals for the year ahead in 2023.

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Asset 7_3x.png
CARD IN trr-annualappeal-2022.jpg

We are living through a period of remarkable uncertainty, an experience that touches us all. During such a trying time, The Refugee Response is steadfast. We continue to do the necessary work for Cleveland’s refugee newcomers, the same work we’ve done over the last decade; the same work your support makes possible.  


The number of refugees coming to Cleveland has risen dramatically over the last two years due to conflict and crisis in Afghanistan and Ukraine. In turn we’ve grown to meet the needs of our resettled neighbors. But there is still much to do. 


This year, we moved into a new house where we continue to welcome clients in a safe and comfortable environment, launch new programs, and build spaces for newcomers to thrive. Cleveland continues to be a city of possibility for its newest residents, but it takes time, commitment, and care to offer high quality services and connections to career and educational opportunities.


This community has long benefitted from the presence and contributions of newcomers, and like you, we believe that ours is a shared success. Your donation will help us expand our services and focus on deepening our impact.

You can help by clicking the donate button above or by sending a check to:                                  

The Refugee Response

2054 W 47th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102

Email Will Brown, with questions.Thank you for your generous support; you make the difference.

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Original Artwork by Nikki Mokrzycki

Thank you for your support

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