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I’ve truly enjoyed my two years with the program and I couldn’t have asked for better child to mentor. I loved my time with Dani, he’s such a joy, full of life, infectious to those around him.

His curiosity and joy were contagious.  

The most memorable moments were introducing Mohammad to seemingly simple activities: Sidewalk chalk, paper snowflakes, using a tape measure, planting sunflowers, using a hand juicer to make lemonade, blowing bubbles, making paper airplanes.

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“I’ve learned that what might be considered as simple or mundane to the average American can be a completely different experience to a refugee. 

There is wonder and joy for a six year old who is new to this country and an entire world that is new and waiting to be explored.

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06.13.2019. Courtney and Family.Summer F

Something that I absolutely adore about this family is how close they are and how well they all get along. They love each other so much and they show it all the time. This unconditional acceptance of who each individual is, and really how they celebrate each other for who they are, has truly impacted me. I have learned so much from them in this respect because I didn’t have this growing up, and I plan to treat my family, my child this way as she grows up- celebrate her as a person and love her always.

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As a volunteer with the Youth Mentoring Program, you have so much to offer our region’s refugee youth.

But we fundamentally believe that this experience has just as much, if not more, to offer you.

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We talked briefly about how sometimes barriers are real and sometimes they are imagined, and we never know until we push against them which ones they are. It was a lovely moment where I could see Safa imagine many more options for herself and where she felt the full scope of her possibilities.

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