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Re:Source Cleveland's

Community Advisory
Board (CAB)

What is the Community Advisory Board (CAB)?

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) was formed in order to foreground the voices of members of resettled communities in the Cleveland area. They meet every month in order to determine initiatives and projects for newcomer-background community members to become more actively involved with the work of Re:Source Cleveland and other newcomer services in the Cleveland area. We are looking for candidates from our client communities, specifically people with newcomer backgrounds who are living in Cleveland.

What are the Community Advisory Board’s goals?

The CAB will provide input on existing programs and projects including Re:Source Cleveland's employment programs, education programs, content creation program, advocacy projects and the Ohio City Farm.


CAB members are also highly encouraged to propose original ideas they think would be beneficial to the communities they identify with. The CAB will have a modest budget to execute new projects and will also work within existing program budgets.


By virtue of CAB members contributing their skills, experiences, and expertise, Re:Source Cleveland will be better situated to work with and meet the needs of newcomer clients in Cleveland, Ohio.

How can CAB members benefit from participating in the CAB?

Leadership: Occupy an essential leadership role where your skills, experiences and recommendations are valued. Provide input on Re:Source Cleveland's programs.


Professional Development: Gain experience working in the nonprofit and social service sectors and add a board level position to your resume.

Advocacy and Civic Engagement: Bring about positive outcomes for the communities you identify with.

Networking: Network and collaborate with a diverse group of creative individuals who care about improving newcomer services and supporting local community groups.

How often does the community advisory board meet?

The Community Advisory Board meets the second Tuesday of every month from 7:00-8:30pm. Meetings are either in person or conducted over Zoom.

We are looking for CAB candidates who:

  • Are interested in Re:Source Cleveland’s mission and programs.

  • Are community-minded.

  • Feel comfortable expressing their voice among a diverse group of people, and working collaboratively with others.

  • Will gladly provide and receive considerate constructive feedback.

  • Are happy to participate in virtual meetings via Zoom. 

  • Computers, internet and quiet space will be available at Re:Source Cleveland's office for those who need it.

  • ​Are willing to recuse themselves on issues impacting their own businesses or political campaigns.

  • Will commit to 1 year of service and will attend at least 8 out of 12 meetings per year.

  • Speak English, or are willing to participate in tandem with an English speaking CAB member. (At this time; requirement may change.)

  • Are at least 16 years old.

    • Parent or guardian consent is required for young adults (16-17 years old).

  • We are looking for candidates from our client communities, especially people with newcomer backgrounds who are living in Cleveland.

I'm interested! How do I apply?

Or request a paper application, phone call, Zoom meeting, WhatsApp call or in-person meeting by contacting Kate Nickley at (216) 236-3877. Please leave a voicemail.

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