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The Newcomer Navigators project started in 2022 with support from Cuyahoga County. To ensure this project is culturally responsive and as close to the communities as possible, it is co-created and co-managed by Re:Source Cleveland, Rise Together, Smart Development and Neuva Luz Urban Resource Center. Newcomer Navigators is more than just a navigator program. We believe international newcomers are an essential part of our community and should be fully integrated rather than navigating from the outside.



Re:Source Cleveland's Newcomer Navigators work focuses on helping members of our newcomer communities navigate their complex needs, in connection with our local partners and Cuyahoga County. This navigation can take many forms.


Navigation for housing needs, ranging from assisting unhoused individuals to liaisons with landlords and payment assistance. We will also assist in navigation of utility shut offs and management.


Assistance in advocacy and navigation of the American legal system through referrals in the criminal, juvenile, adult, civil and immigration systems.


Navigators will assist families in accessing education for both children and adults, as well as employment referrals and training for newcomers.


We work directly with the County to ensure newcomers receive the benefits they are eligible for, such as SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, Cash Assistance, Child Care, Unemployment and SSI.


Our support for newcomers' needs can be as basic as helping families with food, diapers, hygiene supplies, furniture, appliances and even cars through our partnership with Wheels To Work.


Our navigators are responsive to immediate safety needs and concerns within the community, and also help address longer term safety issues for newcomers.

Cuyahoga County Welcome Center

The Cuyahoga County Welcome Center is a multi-service center serving residents who are immigrants, refugees, and those with limited English proficiency that operates from 9am to 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Newcomer Navigators Program operates out of Cuyahoga County's new Welcome Center on special hours in that time frame.



Wheels To Work

Our collaboration with local nonprofit Wheels To Work has changed the lives of so many newcomers in Cleveland. Thanks to Wheels To Work, we have connected 16 donated cars with newcomer adults who needed transportation for work, education and their families.

Pictured to the left is Blandine, who is a single mother who works full time as a case worker while she pursues a Master’s Degree in Criminology. This busy life was much more difficult without a car.

Newcomer Navigators Partners

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